How To Put On a Corset in 5 Simple Steps

It’s always easy to put a corset if you have a friend around. You can do it in less than 5 minutes tops. What happens if you’re all alone, and you badly want to put on that corset? Don’t fret! With these five simple steps, you can quickly put on a corset.

1. Wear an underlayer


Before you get too excited about wearing your corset, make sure that you have something underneath like a tube top or even a plain shirt depending on what is your outfit of the day. We want to avoid sweat and dirt that can damage your corset. Avoid materials like spandex and Lycra because it will let you sweat even more.

2. Know your corset


For new users, it’s hard to know the details of your corsets. Check the given instruction to be sure, like which part should be at the bottom. Once you’re ready to put it on, just make sure that the front of the corset is open while the back with the lace is closed but loose enough for any adjustment.

3. Wrap itv


You can start by wrapping your corset around your body. Once you’re done, you can begin closing the busk which should be easy to do with simple adjustments from the side with a little help of breathing.

4. Modesty panel adjustment


Look for the rectangular shaped fabric that is on the left side of the corset. It’s at the back where you can see the lace. The purpose of this modesty panel is, to close the gap in between the sides of the lacing. Just adjust it accordingly as you tighten the lace.

5. Lace adjustment


It’s now the time for you to tighten the lace a bit so it won’t need much support to hold up. Now that everything is in place, you can already pull the laces as tight as you want while adjusting the sides to make you feel comfortable. Don’t forget to fix the modesty panel again every time you pull the laces. You don’t want any wrinkly fabric on your back, do you? After all the adjustments and you already feel comfortable, that’s the time you can finally tie your corset.

Wear those corsets like a boss and show off your curves!